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Bath Bombs

Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bombs - 180g

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in an exotic paradise with this range of Tropical Paradise Bath Bombs. Similar in scent to a tempting tropical cocktail.

Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bombs are an amazing sweet and zesty range of exotic tropical fruit, including dragon fruit, pineapple and kiwi fruit. Each bomb contains a generous helping of Coconut Butter to make it smoother on your skin with colourful soap peelings to help create silky foam to cleanse your body. 

Just Desserts Bath Bombs  -  180gm

They look and smell great.  Each has a mouth-watering fragrance, including strawberry pavlova and banoffee pie, making these bath bombs almost good enough to eat - but please don’t !

Mega Fizz Hearts

With these Mega Fizz Hearts you will never want to leave your bath. They look and smell great with a range of fragrances to choose from such as berries, chocolate, coconut and peppermint and some have the added sparkle of body glitter.  Enjoy a bath time treat !

Bath Eggs - 60g

These Original Egg Shaped (and sized)  Bath Bombs look and smell great.  As you would expect, they come in a box of "half a dozen" for bath time fun !!

Bath Bombs

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